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we offer Parenting groups, workshops, classes,  trainings and one-on-one parent coaching on a wide variety of topics for parents & guardians of infants to teens.

Our professionally facilitated playgroups / discussion groups provide a safe, warm, supportive, nurturing setting where children  0-5 years and their caregivers can enjoy a morning of activities and socialization.


Encouraging Kids Family Resource Center is a private nonprofit 501c3 organization that began as a way for us to do what we love. Our vision is to create peaceful families and communities by providing current, trauma-informed research and information to those who interact with our kids at home, in school, and in our communities.

We offer parent education / parent-child groups, special education advocacy, professional development & more in a warm, supportive setting.

There is no single job as important & demanding as parenting. Our failure to give parents specific training for their very difficult job seems based on the belief that if you are a human being you should know how to raise one.

We believe parents DO have the ability and motivation to raise physically and emotionally healthy children with adequate support and information. We encourage parents to be critical thinkers and advocates for their children, themselves and their families. When you know better, you do better.


Is your child struggling in school? Thinking of having him or her evaluated? Already have an IEP,  504 Plan, or Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Plan? Let us help you achieve the best possible academic outcome for your child.

Working at our school

We will provide a low cost, easy way for you & your staff to improve skills, add new tools to your behavior management toolbox, and meet  continuing education requirements. Your location or ours!

Encouraging Kids

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